Monday, January 6, 2014

New Start 2014

I'm not usually much for New Year's resolutions- the only one I've ever kept, I think, was to write in a journal every day when I was a young teen. (I came across it some time ago. Most. Boring. Journal. Ever.) In recent years, I've resolved to exercise more (of course), eat better (which I think has more to do with post-Christmas than the New Year), and wash my kitchen floor. I never did wash my floor that year, but I've done it several times in the few months we've lived here in the Slight South. Last year my New Years ambivalence hit an all-time high, as I was pregnant/depressed and E was on the job market, so our case scenario for the year was 7 more months of pregnancy, and then a new baby, cross-country move, and new job, in a two month span. And then, three more months to finish out the year. I think I said my resolution was to survive, which we did.

 After a lovely-though-we-may-never-do-it-again two week holiday trip, we are back here in our tiny Slightly Southern house, and it feels more like a fresh start than we've had in years. Once again, I'm tempted to make grandiose plans and let them slide by day three. I've already fallen off the Instagram bandwagon. I did not use every minute of my day today productively tackling my epic post-holiday to-do list or interacting positively with my two growing girls. However, I am posting here- maybe I can re-create the journal experience. Though, certainly not every day, and hopefully a little more interesting. Really, though, I'm not making any specific resolutions other than to have a fresh start and end our season of family-in-transitional-crisis. And, on a related note, be on time. Anyone else have plans for a fresh start this year? Or is this not the moment for you?

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  1. You're back! Yay! And somehow I missed it until today. Now I get to catch up on all your posts. :)